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Grundutbildning för tränare, In English, Göteborg

The sports movement is a fantastic arena that engages many people, young and old, with different backgrounds, motivations, experiences and skills. Your commitment as a coach and leader is an essential part of the sport movement.

Grundutbildning för tränare is based on current research and gives you a good foundation in your role as a coach. Great emphasis is placed on leadership, how you create good learning environments that enhances the motivation, active participation and thus enables the participants to learn and grow as human beings and athletes. You will also learn about the importance of developing a broad movement repertoire and how you can plan the training based on age and maturity status. 

Mandatory course elements

  • Complete educational tasks online
  • Participate in both educational days
  • Complete a home assignment

Course content 
  • The Swedish sports movement and my role within it
  • Leadership and the leader in me
  • How to plan training session 
  • Elective part where you can focus on your main interest

In order to be approved and obtain a certificate of the education, attendance at both meetings and submission of two home assignments are required.
This course is a non-sport specific course that focus on general leadership that can be implemented in various sports. For sports specific education, please see the education provided from your sports federation. 

Target group

This course is for all coaches, regardless of what sport you are involved in or whether you train children, adolescents or adults. It gives you a good foundation to start from in your continued coaching role. It is the first mandatory educational step within the RF-SISU. The minimum age is 14 years, but it is recommended that a mentor is available to support reading and home assignments.

In order to be approved and obtain a certificate of the education, attendance at both meetings and submission of two home assignments are required.

Registration: Everyone receives a confirmation email on the registration, which means that the registration is ok. In case of problems, email This is a mailto link or call 0709- 26 58 27.

The course material will be sent home to each participant so it is important to write in the correct postal address in the registration with street name, postal code and city. We will send the material as soon as we have a full group. 

Cancellations are accepted no later than 5 days before. Otherwise, the respective club will be charged a fee. We reserve the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is considered insufficient.

An invitational email will be sent to the participants with all nececassy information a few days prior to the course. 

Participation fee: 1 800 SEK. Your club/association can receive financial support for participation fees. Please contact your RF-SISU consultant and ask about "resursmedel". 

Further information and questions
This is a mailto link / 0709- 26 58 27